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• Заезд:      15:00 до 18:00
• Отъезд:   до 11:00

Если есть особая необходимость, вы можете ввести другое время, если, конечно, это не мешает другим гостям.

9 Km. You can reach the city in 10 minutes and the city center in 15 minutes by car or in 30 minutes by bike through the bike path.

If you enjoy hiking or biking then you’ll adore it in here, both on the road and in the mountains.
There is no close access to public transportation, that’s why it is essential to have a car to move around.

The Exhibition centre of Verona is about 2 minutes from the motorway exit Verona Sud.
During the day it takes 30 minutes to reach it.

15 minutes from the Verona Est tollbooth, 30 minutes from the Verona Sud one.

No, independent kitchen use is expected, but we can recommend you delightful ‘trattorias’ in the surroundings, or the best restaurants in town.

There are good wineries in the surroundings, with excellent quality/price ratio.
Olive oil is a typical product of the area …but of course, ours is the best!! 🙂